range rover murders

The true case of the Essex Boys gangland slaying has never been revealed or has it?

The Alleged Essex Boys killers were convicted in 1998 they are Jack Whomes who was released on parole in May 2021 and Michael Steele who hasn’t yet got parole and is still serving his life sentence.

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Jack Whomes and Michael Steele

Whomes, from Brockford, Suffolk, and Steele, from Great Bentley in Essex, were involved in drug smuggling and deals with the murdered gangsters but have always denied killing them.

The bodies of Pat Tate, Tony Tucker and Craig Rolfe were found in a Range Rover parked in a remote farm track in Rettendon, Essex, on the morning of December 7 1995.

The slayings have been the subject of several British gangster feature films, which have all speculated about what actually happened.  But the truth has never really been known, Steele & Whomes have always maintained there innocence even after serving the sentence.

The fact is there were so many people that wanted rid of the Essex Boys it could’ve literally been anyone.