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Obviously cost is a major factor, we charge a fraction of what agencies charge, Giving an opportunity to smaller businesses and artists who wouldn’t usually have the budget.

The content we post attracts followers mainly over the age of 18, most of which are homeowners.


Unlike the agencies we are at the centre of Twitter creating entertaining accounts that attract many British adult followers organically.

We know what our followers like and our followers like what we do, therefore they are more likely to take notice of what we tweet. similar to celebrity fans, giving us the edge on most influencer agencies using bulk followed, follow back accounts.

As well as our own accounts we also have the option to negotiate with a vast variety of other entertainment and sport pages within our network with a combined following of more than 5,000,000 adult followers

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With our insight, experience and connections within UK Twitter entertainment sector, we truly believe we can give a service like no other and deliver what we preach. With bells on.

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