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I became a vegetarian in 2012, I did it mainly for health reasons, i had suffered from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) since the early 90s and never found a diet that could help, In 2001 i met my current partner, she was a Vegetarian, She did not mind that i wasn’t and would regularly cook me meals that were meat based, Chicket, Ribs, Roast Pork any meat that i would like for dinner to be precise, she never preached to me about Animal Cruelty etc and our relationship blossomed and we moved in together. Soon we had a child, a daughter, it was a tough labour and there was lots of complications, but thankfully at the end of the ordeal Mother and Child were thankfully well.

I’ve always loved Takeaway food, Maybe it was the reason for my IBS but on trying several high fibre diets as recommended by my Doctor that did no good, fast foods didn’t make things any worse than the diets i had tried, but i did try to limit myself once i moved in with my partner, but the resistance of a lunchtime Mcdonald’s Big Mac or a Burger King Whopper and an occasional early evening KFC Chicken Burger or a late night Chinese, Doner Kebab or Indian Take out is always a treat i’ve enjoyed and to be honest, has always been my biggest vice. Luckily i have a fast metabolism and am thankfully not obese, I’m still the same weight as when i was 18 years old, but the irregular bowel movements, stomach aches and bloatedness of IBS has always made me think it was diet related.

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In 2013 we were away on a family Holiday in Norfolk, On our first day we went to a restaurant, I asked my daughter who up to now had always been a meat eater, what she wanted from the menu, she looked and said can i have the vegetarian lasagne please, they have got the normal one i replied, No she said i would like the vegetarian one, My partner was looking at me with a puzzled look, i was looking back at her equally puzzled, My partner said, I’ve not said anything, I looked at my daughter and said, what’s the matter are you not eating meat anymore, No dad she said, why i asked, Because i don’t like animals being killed. Fair enough i said, it’s your choice for now on we will make you vegetarian food like mum has, I looked at my partner and said great!! In a joking manner, “now i’m the only one in the house eating meat, i feel terrible”. Don’t my partner said, you make your own choices and we respect that, but i thought for a second and thought maybe i can try this vegetarian lark as a new diet and see if it helps.

So i turned vegi from that day and although at first i really missed the meat i felt the benefits might weigh out the loss and it did, My stools got firmer my stomach aches lessened and bloatedness never returned.

In 2013 there wasn’t an awful lot of products for Vegetarians or Vegans apart from Linda McCartney range which let’s be honest is well…. anyway there was also Quorn Mince and Quorn Cubes (chicken) so back then i ate a lot of bolognese and veg which i’m not keen on, a lot of potato products a lot of beans and i would get Takeaways that were veg based usually Pizza or Chips from the Fish and Chip shop, which were OK but i did still yearn for Kebabs, Hamburgers and Sausages, The Quorn ones were horrible so i steered cleared of those and did without.

Fast Forward to 2022 and with Veganism growing in popularity i’ve found nowadays there is a plant based alternative for almost everything.

Takeaways haven’t seemed to cotton on yet but i’ve found it’s very easy to make your own takeaways or add additions to make a takeaway, vegetarian friendly. There is some amazing products out there and still ones that taste like cardboard, but me being me has tried everything and below i will list the best alternatives i’ve found to date.

  1. Doner Kebabs
    Grab a pack of Pitta bread, Onions, Cucumber, Cabbage, Lettuce, Chilli sauce and Mayo and bung some Oumph! Doner kebab meat that’s made from peas in the oven for 10 mins or 15 if you like it well done, Seriously you cannot taste the difference apart from it’s not dredged in oil and god knows what dripping beneath from it.
    Even as a meat eater i could only eat these after a skinful of lager but nowadays they are a lovely treat for the night even when im sober.
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Doner Delight
  • 2. Sausages
    Been a long time coming these, from the early days of Mc Cartneys and Quorn poor efforts the sausage always tasted awful and the considency like that or crate paper, But in the past 6 months the Heck Meat Free Sausage has made an appearance and i assure you it’s banging!!
    Great with chips and beans or mash and peas and delightful in a finger bun with onion, American mustard and ketchup!! Proper british hot dogs.
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The Best
  • 3. Hamburgers
    Recently i’ve noticed that Burger King and Mcdonalds have started selling burgers using Plant based patties, maybe they listened to my twitter advice to them over a year ago who knows but i can confirm the Plant Based Whopper isn’t bad and the Mcdonalds Mc Plant is absolutely awesome, One day i hope they will make a plant based alternative for all there main menu as i long for a Big Mac, Big Plant? Come on Maccies get it on it, It will be massive!!

    Actually i have been having my own version of Burger King and Mcdonalds a few years now, ever since i found the plant based pattie in Sainsbury, All major supermarkets do a version i haven’t tried the Branded fresh Quarter pounders etc as i was never a lover of big burgers, The big Mac which is my favourite was always 2 normal patties, that let’s be fair with all the sauce, onions, gherkins and cheese you can’t even taste the burger.
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Game Changer
  • 4. Indian Takeaway
    Indian is mostly vegetables anyway so i’ve never really had much worries with this, as i said earlier i’m not keen on too much veg so i do find a vegetable curry a little boring, besides my favourite curry is Dansak which does not come as an option with vegetables but i’m sure your local cuisine can make it. What i’ve found over the years is all Indian takeaways will sell you a sauce of your favourite dish so i simply order everything else and instead of vegetable curry, i order a Dansak sauce, Quickly cook up some Quorn (not chicken) pieces with some onion and chilli, add the dansak sauce and heat through, Bang! Chicken Dansak! Hot thick and sweet just how i like it.
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  • 5. Sausage rolls
    I’m not a massive fan of sausage rolls anyway but the Vegan/Vegetarian ones i have tried have all been very good and completely like the real thing, so there’s plenty out there from Aldi to Greggs they all taste decent.
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If you like them you’ll love them
  • 6. Pizza
    Pizza i’ve had for a long time, as Cheese & Tomato has always been an option, nowadays the toppings you can add before they go into the oven are limitless, pepperoni, ham, kebab meat, quorn mince along with the usual mushroom, onions, jalapeños, Peppers, Chilli and lately I’ve noticed Jack fruit with barbecue vegan pizzas as a store bought option, i find the best frozen pizzas are the Iceland home brand ones and Asda stuffed crust takeaway home brand  are my most favourable.
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Editors choice
  • 7. Ham smoky vegan one by quorn
    Quorn have it bang on with this one, lovely with pickle or salad in a sandwich, divine with cheese in a toasty and a great topping for Pizza, tastes great and the consistency of real ham is perfect.
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  • 8. Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken
    So you buy a takeaway chinese, you can get quite a lot from the menu but if you’re like me and don’t go much on tofu and remember the meat dishes hitting the spot overall, i have a great hack for Sweet & Sour Chicken balls, Easy!! Quorn Vegetarian Nuggets (not the vegan ones, they like cardboard) simply buy a sweet and sour sauce with your chinese & stick some quorn nuggets in the oven for 15 minutes, once they covered in Sweet and Sour you can’t taste any difference.
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  • 9. Chicken Burger.
    I buy brioche buns as they keep fresh longer but any bun will do, these are my go to snack, Simply chop some lettuce, Slice of processed cheese if you like it, couple of onion rings if your greedy like me, Cook up 4 Quorn nuggets, put them in the bun with your options on top , salad cream, mayo or lately i’ve been having Nando’s Perinaise which is nice and spicy. Wallah! Perfecto Chicken in a bun!
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Go To Snack
  • 10. Pies
    Make no mistake with the Quorn Mince or Quorn Pieces (Chicken) it’s pretty simple to make a Vegan/Vegetarian Pie, But if your a bit lazy in the kitchen like me you’ll be pleased to know there is now Mince and Onion and Chicken and Mushroom Pukka pies, If like me you prefer a Chicken and Vegetable Pie Birdseye Green Cuisine do a lovely one, Both Pukka and Green Cuisine pies are Banging!
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Finally, There is lots of meat alternatives out there from Quorn Roasts which are lovely to Beetroot Burgers, being a Vegan or Vegetarian nowadays is easy, you don’t miss out on anything and the wonderful thing is No Animals are being killed for you to eat, Sure animals will always be killed to feed the human population but knowing you are not part of it puts the icing on the cake.

Hope you enjoyed my blog and if you have any little gems you’ve discovered please leave a message, I’m dying for a Crispy shredded beef alternative but as yet i haven’t found one. Anyone?