skinny jeans

A man wearing Skinny Jeans wishes to remain anonymous after he almost lost his penis but was miraculously saved by his overgrown pubic hair.

The Mirror reported that Dave Brace 38 from Hull was rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary after a tube of superglue burst in the pocket of his skinny jeans.

hull Royal infirmary

Dave had bought the superglue earlier that morning and he says forgot it was in his pocket until he saw a wet patch appear on the front of his super tight jeans.

At the time Dave was parked up surfing the internet exercising a semi while looking at fast cars he explained. 

When the patch appeared it dawned on Dave that he hadn’t ejaculated at the sight of the new Ferrari 812GTS, it was the glue he had in his front pocket.


Dave leapt from the vehicle and attempted to remove the skinny jeans but they was stuck fast around his genital area and now he started to panic.

A passer by called the emergency services and he was blue lighted straight to A & E.

Fortunately Dave had not trimmed his pubes in 20 years, so incredibly surgeons were able to release his package by trimming the growth.

Surgeons said that Dave was incredibly lucky if it hadn’t been for his bush they would of had to remove his Penis and possibly his balls.

super glue

Dave commented at his ordeal saying, What a fucking nightmare, Thank god i never groom my garden, i hope this doesn’t make the news and if so i would like to remain anonymous.

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