Richard is our founder & CEO ,

Born in London, Our multi talented CEO and in house media editor is responsible for a whole truck load of crazy memes and viral edits, Due to legalities in the early internet years, like most creators of that time Rich kept his fingerprints from his work and did what he did anonymously, just for the lols.

Rich has always entertained, In early years he was a child actor who attended Sylvia Youngs theatre school and appeared on lots of TV shows, movies & theatre (he’s actually an accredited dancer)

In his early adult life Rich was a Club DJ, Playing at all major London clubs with regular residences in London, Ibiza & Germany , Rich was also signed with Moving Shadow records and produced house music on the companies house label. Label is Red.

In adult life Rich found his home entertaining from home, he had ran a successful Myspace page which was music focused and before it’s demise he had started to dabble with silly memes using photoshop to mock up various crazy stuff. stuff that made him chuckle that he would post to Twitter, slowly his page grew and Twitter progressed, allowing gifs to be posted and then short video clips, Rich progressed also, his page got bigger, from his first big page he made other pages with different ideas and with the help of a guy known only as the GOAT they quickly built a twitter entertainment network boasting an in house following of over 2.7 million followers to date.

Rich also has a popular TikTok page : rich___edits

Apart from his obvious kudos to attract followers Rich’s other major strengths are his tech savvy and knowledge of how socials work and how to work them.

As a social promoter/ Influencer there really is nobody better and more qualified, Rich thrives on being the best at whatever he does and always goes the extra yard for every client to generate sales, clicks, views or followers.

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