The Rave guys at Retro Rave really know their shit! Both DJs/Producers in their own right who have lived the entire scene from 1988

The twitter page was set up just a month ago and already boasts over 9000 one way followers, which is a mean feat for any page targeting one generation of people.

Dj Billy Daniel Bunter & Liquid.

Already Retro Rave has attracted some of the scenes biggest Djs and Producers with the likes of Legendary Dj Mike Pickering, Stu Allan, Ritchie Fingers, SlipMatt, 2 Bad Mice, Dj Billy Daniel Bunter, The Fat Controller, Blame, Blapps Posse all onboard and the list is rising daily.

If you know, you know and these guys know.

dj mike pickering Legendary Dj Mike Pickering at the Legendary Hacienda Manchester


The beloved rave scene that came to our shores in 1988 paved the way for many professional careers in and around the music business which gave a lot of talented people a good living and even celebrity status.

oakey and nancy noise Paul Oakenfold and Soon to be Dj Nancy Noise in London 1988

The Rave Scene is remembered with great passion to anyone involved and has proven to be one of the most memorable era’s to this day.

“We are the Rave Generation” We were Drug taking lunatics that hurt nobody else and did nothing terribly wrong but enjoy ourselves to the max.

We danced, we loved, we embraced a scene that has made a mark on music history and youth culture forever.

We Are E..

Fantazia rave


First off in our mission is to find out who is the Rave nation’s favorite DJ of all time, We started a twitter poll elimination contest a week ago and you can see the results so far here