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For a while Purple Aki seemed to be an urban legend, North West of England’s very own Bogeyman, Not being from the North West (Liverpool) i always thought it was an urban legend, but unlike most Urban Legends i found out Purple Aki is actually a real person, who true to the tale seems to have a fetish for fit men doing squats while sitting on their shoulders getting his nuts tickled or stealing feels of there muscles and buttocks

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His real name Akinwale Arobieke, is obviously why he was known as Aki, think the Purple came later from a description given by a victim, He’s a large 6′ 5″ black man, said to be so black he looks purple, since there is now conclusive photographic evidence of Purple Aki you can see the description is pretty accurate. He’s was a bodybuilder that weighed 22 stone (310 lb) according to many sources Aki is a very intelligent guy, who studies the law and always defends himself in court. He’s now 60 years old.

Purple Aki Parody