About Lol Viral Media

Lol Viral media is a group of self made Twitter Influencers that all have the kudos to build great pages full of great content that people love to follow. All accounts are built from scratch using organic tactics to attract millions of mature followers across the globe!

Lol Viral Media

Over 10 years of Twitter use Lol Viral Media has built a booming entertainment network with some of the most popular entertainment and parody acs in the world.

As well as sharing others video, memes and edits we also make lots of our own content and actually put something back in to the internet with our unique creations, edits. memes and humour.

We are also pretty damn good at promoting others to generate views, clicks, sales or sign ups. So if you have something genuine to promote Lol Viral Media will be happy to assist.

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Our pages are valuable to us, they take an awful amount of work and persistence so we abide by twitter rules and read them regularly to make sure we and you remain within the strict guide lines when carrying out promotions.

if you would like to find out more about what accounts we have and prices etc then please get in touch

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