Impression numbers we can guarantee and will deliver detailed stats on completion of orders.

Unfortunately we do not control the end user buying or following habits, meaning we cannot guarantee engagements and that any engagements will lead to sales, leads, join ups or follows, but you will be put out there amongst the masses and they will have the option to play or pass.

That we can guarantee.

We want you to do well from our service, our experience in Twitter gives us great in-sight to what end users react to, in a good way obviously, we will happily advise you on how to maximise your chosen plan.

We can tailor make memes and edit vids and gifs that are royalty free or ideally owned by yourself or your company.

With a full Promo package you will be given lots of guidance so we can deliver a successful promotion.

Please note we will not post, retweet, promote content or engage in any activities that are against Twitters rules

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