krupps diamond

The Krupp Diamond was the centerpiece of a ring which also held two baguette diamond as accents. Prized for its clarity, the Asscher-cut diamond is a Type IIa, a rare classification that puts it in the company of some of the world’s rarest diamonds.

The 33.19 Karat Diamond was once owned by actress Vera Krapp and was stolen from her new built Ranch just outside Las Vegas in 1959 it was found about 6 weeks later in New Jersey

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Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton

An FBI agent heard that a grocer was searching for a buyer for a huge diamond. The huge center diamond was found in the lining of a coat hanging up in the closet of James Reves, one of the thieves. The two smaller baguette diamonds were later recovered from a jeweler in St. Louis.

Vera Krupp died in 1967 and her ring went to auction and was bought by actor Richard Burton for $305,000 the highest ever price paid for a diamond ring at that time. He bought the ring as a gift for his wife, actress Elizabeth Taylor who was a massive star at the time, she loved it wore the beautiful ring frequently.

There was a Robbery at The Bank Of America in Mayfair in 1975 ,the biggest ever heist to that date, the gang got away with over 8 million of which although most of the gang were caught only 500,000 was ever recovered.

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One of the gang members, Safe-cracker Leonard Wilde aka John the bosh was sent to jail for 23 years and received no parole and finished his sentence in 1999

John the Bosh was a good friend of my dads.

John would come to our house regularly after his release he was a small man, always very smartly dressed in a shirt with a short summer jacket or coat depending in the season, he also had a full head of silver hair and was always clean shaven.

John would love to tell us tales from his past, he never named names but told us so many things that hardly anyone knew, how he would blow safes in the 50s in full view of the streets when banks used to display vaults with spot lights so police could see if anyone was trying to get in. He told Prison tales one in particular that when he shared a cell with Mad Frankie Frazer every morning him and Frank would throw there slop out chamber buckets at the screws, it landed him and Frank in no end of trouble but he never intended to get out early for good behaviour and the crack out weighed the consequences so they carried on until Frank punched the governor and got sent off to broad moor.

However back to the article one tale John told me was the time he and another criminal accomplice tried to steal Elizabeth Taylor’s Krupp Diamond. At the time approximately 1970 Elizabeth Taylor was In London for a Premier or something Jon recalled, Jon had seen the news about Elizabeth’s Diamond ring and at the time he had set his heart on stealing it, he made enquiries and found out she was staying at a suite on the second floor of the Ritz hotel in London Piccadilly

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British-born actress Elizabeth Taylor shows off the 33.19 carat diamond ring given to her by husband Richard Burton. (Photo by Express Newspapers/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

So John and his friend decided to watch the hotel wait for Elizabeth to leave during the day, pose as window cleaners, gain entry to the suite and blow her safe and steal the diamond.

It was a great plan, but whilst on the ladder trying to force open the window a maid was in the room who heard a noise and opened the window nearly knocking Jon off the ladder, he got down quick and both men legged it to there awaiting get away van empty handed, Jon wanted to try again the very next day but his friend at the hotel told him that Elizabeth had been told of the incident and had put the Ring into a bank vault and changed Hotels.

John was gutted he never got that ring.

Elizabeth Taylor died in 2011, and the Krupp Diamond went to auction at Christie’s and sold for $8.8 million it was renamed The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond (this diamond is not to be confused with the 68 karat Taylor-Burton Diamond).

Today a South Korean conglomerate owns the diamond.