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No doubt you have heard the news that Elon Musk has purchased Twitter for a whopping 43 billion dollars, So how is it going to be different?

We have not managed to speak with Elon Musk
But wait! we have spoken to a colleague of his who worked with Elon musk in 2010

The man who would like to be known as Mr X (pictured below) says he worked closely with Elon Musk in California in 2010 as an extra on the film set of Iron Man 2 where Elon was playing a cameo role, Mr X said we spoke intensely about social media and Elon had some very strong views on it.

elon musk
Elon Musk in Iron Man 2 with Mr X

It was early days for Twitter as it had only started in 2006 but it was already gaining popularity and Elon was constantly checking his smartphone for updates, fav stars and retweets.

Laughing at Memes

One particular time he was laughing uncontrollably at a meme he had posted that had something to do with Bill Gates, his hysteria actually spoiled a scene with Robert Downey Jnr, Robert was getting a bit cheesed off, what’s so funny Elon? he asked, Elon just looked up and said hey don’t worry you can just edit it out.

Edit Button

He meant his laughter from the soundtrack but it showed 100% that Elon loves an edit and am positive adding an edit button will be one of the first thing he does when he takes over the app .

Mr X went on to say “At one point during filming we were having a sneaky doobie out back and Elon took a call hands free from a friend of his who said he had just lost his twitter page due to posting a weird porn based meme. Elon was very upset and said it was ridiculous as every hot blooded male with a warped sense of humor likes a bit of crazy funny smut, which means once he takes over Twitter he will allow rude jokes and adult themed funny pages again and not just hardcore porn and Pedo’s.

sneaky doobie

Send Nudes

Mr X said he discussed Twitter a lot with Elon over those few hours, it was unavoidable as he was constantly laughing and flipping in and out of the app, he would put the smartphone in my face and say check this one bud, i bet she sends nudes.

I remember him moaning about one particular Tweet saying he thought twitter has shadow banned him as his impressions were so low and he had hardly any fav stars, this was a strong indication that when he takes over accounts will get full reach rather than 10% for most acs and 100% for those that post just wholesome snowflake shit.


I remember him asking me if i was on twitter said Mr X, i said no i’m afraid not but the wife has a Facebook page, this Angered Elon, Fucking Facebook sucks bro he snarled, the facebook woke brigade are all snowflakes.

Elon hated Facebook which tells me he will be suspending all FaceBook users that joined during Jacks Reign

No More Pedos

Elon is also a man that likes to bend rules and not be accountable when he’s found out, said Mr X So i see a massive scale down in rules across the entire platform apart from follow trains, Pedos and bot acs.

At this point we got to ask Mr X about Freedom of Speech, something Elon is openly passionate about. Mr X said he didn’t believe Elon would charge to use the app so it would be free

He added

Elon Musk Troll Acs

I noticed Elon had a few profiles on twitter back then all with alien profile pictures that appeared to be bullying people for being Pedos or stupid humans. It was quite funny actually. Albeit a bit cruel, to the stupid humans anyway.

So I’m guessing a return of twitter wars is imminent, maybe he will supply some hacking tools within the app for troll acs to track addresses and expose pedo’s before he bans them.

iron man 2 elon musk

Music Licenses

Finally we asked Mr X if Elon has given any hints of perhaps coughing up for a music license to stop acs getting suspended for dmca notices served by the ifpb.

Mr X said he hadn’t discussed DMCA takedown notices and didn’t know what we were actually talking about but yeh probably was his answer.

So to sum up the changes

  • Edit Button
  • Allow Adult humor
  • Allow naked bums
  • Release all suspended acs (except those of Pedo’s)
  • Delete Snowflakes users
  • Allow Free speech for free
  • Music License
  • No more view blocking or shadow banning.
  • Trolling pro acs
  • Ban Pedo;s

So there you have it, A complete load of cods wallop that’s very badly made up, If you would like to see more rubbish by Anon Jim hit my link