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A British man with a 10” Pork Sword claimed his massive bulge was mistaken for stashed stolen goods at a branch of Scotts Menswear owned by JD Sports

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Steve Whitehurst, 47, reported that he was on a shopping trip with his girlfriend Mandy Shenton and her baby grandson, where he was confronted by staff at Scotts Menswear and forced to show a shop assistant his nob. (Penis)to prove he hadn’t stuffed stolen goods down his pants.

Steve said he often wore skin tight skinny jeans and the huge bulge must have caught the eye of the shops manager who approached him and accused him of shoplifting and stuffing it down his pants. Steve told her it was not stolen good from the store it was his 10” trouser snake but she refused to believe him, he maintained his claim and argued the case for his abnormal member, things got heated when Steve said “i have nothing to hide” and dropped his jeans in store to expose his boxer shorts. The manager pointed at his bulge and said “but what is that! at this point a guy from security intervened, took Steven to a changing room and asked him to show him whats in his boxer shorts.

Steven said, he did it because he wanted to prove he wasn’t a thief and what he had in his pants was all his.

When he unleashed the beast Security gasped in shock, left the cubical and return to the waiting manager. Steve heard her say, ‘Please tell me he’s got something down there,’ and the Security guy said, ‘No’.” Which was factually an understatement as he definitely had something except it wasn’t a puffer jacket it was his 10” Wanger!

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A Scotts Menswear

He called that Sunday Shopping trip “The craziest experience of my life” and has sinced complained to the company.

His girlfriend Mandy said: “It was so humiliating. What they did to Steve was disgusting.”

This happened in 2019 and was originally reported by The Sun