Is the heavyweight division about to truly come to life in a way fans haven’t seen since the 90’s? Well, we may not quite reach those dizzying heights, but the revival appears to be coming, as the heavyweight division, almost dead from one of the worst era’s in boxing history is at least off the ventilator.

Let’s give credit where it’s due, The Klitschko dominance – of both brothers, meaning the two most dominant fighters of the division could never possibly fight each other. Although brilliant in terms of skilled pugilism, they strangled the life from the division for well over a decade. Opposition was average in an underwhelming era – and the Klitschko’s (in particular Wladimir) did what only they could do, which was to emphatically beat what was in front of them.

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Fast forward to 2015, and Tyson Fury breathed a new lease of life into the division with his huge upset victory in the champion’s back yard – and suddenly the division was wide open again…. Or so we thought. Without going on too much of a tangent which is another topic entirely, it proved to be a false dawn with Fury and all the well documented problems. Some clever work from Eddie Hearn ensured the IBF landed on Anthony Joshua’s lap, and in fairness, Klitschko and Joshua provided an immense fight in Klitschko’s swansong, with Joshua finally silencing his doubters and proving he was deserving of (some of) his previous accolades, as well as picking up the vacant WBA in the process.

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