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At a time when needing a second mortgage just to get a weeks shopping, staying cool in the summer months could strain your budget beyond belief, but wait nobody has to pay to stay cool this summer, just see the free hacks below.


The simplest of free hacks to get free air con and stay cool this summer is to visit your local supermarket or mall where you will find they have great air con and it’s totally free, simply sit down and relax knowing you are nice and chilled and you are not being charged, the social benefits are also amazing, i sat in Sainsbury’s for 3 hours today and caught up with lots of old friends, even the store manager was chatting although only to asked me to leave, so i simply walked across the road to Asda and held up there for another 2 hours. 

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Visit your local river or lake if you have the sea nearby even better.

Lower yourself into the water and sit there, how’s that for free chill and it will also save a bath later.

Remember not to enter the water if you have an open wound or swallow the water you’re laying in as it’s probably full of faeces, urine, harmful germs and parasites.

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Young sexy woman with pretty face in wet white shirt laying in sea on river water with raised hands and slim legs outdoor


 Clear out the fridge and sit in that! As a fridge is always on it’s not actually costing you anything to keep yourself nice and chill on a hot summers day. If you happen to own one of those big American fridges it may be your partner or a friend could join you in soaking up those cool chills.

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