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God’s my best friend seeing as i invented him

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What do you want to call me a murderer for i never killed anyone. I don’t need to kill anyone, i think it.

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I was so smart when i was a kid that I learned i was dumb.

When manson was asked to say in a sentence who he was in a tv interview he pulled numerous crazy faces before answering

“nobody” i’m a box car in a jungle wain and a straight razor if you get too close to me

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When Manson was asked if he was crazy his answer was

“Whatever that means, sure as mad as a hatter what difference does it make. A long time ago being crazy meant something nowadays everybody’s crazy”

In one interview with Heidi Showman Manson turns the tables on her and says

“forget you wanna come and say do you feel blame!”

Then proceeds to talk absolute gibberish in made up unpronounceable words almost like he’s speaking an alien language. Followed with

why don’t you blame your little babies”.

Later in the same interview

I mean if I started murdering people there would be none of you left. And i told you my children are coming i told you 20 years ago’”.

When Manson was asked his opinion on Ted Bundy notorious Serial killer that was executed in 1989 around this time

Bundys a rumpkin. Bundy’s a poop rat, Bundy’s his mommas boy, Bundy’s out there trying to prove something to his manhood that’s got nothing to do with me.

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The Manson Family’s Youngest Member Tells All: ‘If He Could Kill Strangers, He Could Kill Me’

When manson was asked about helter skelter his so called apocalyptic race war against whites and blacks, he replied.

Helter skelter is confusion the confusion is coming down on you fast , you can call it as you wish either way it sounds like a threat”.

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When asked in an interview what he sees inside himself, he replies

“Inside myself I see everything , i see all

The reporter goes on to ask, How much evil is there?

As much as you see, all of it” then he hackles like a wicked witch and goes on to say “dreams you haven’t dreamed and worlds you haven’t conquered the mind is limitless.”

Well there we go in Charles Manson’s own words he was absolutely as “mad as a hatter” and some

Thank God he finally died from cardiac arrest resulting from respiratory failure, brought on by colon cancer in 2017.